Hampstead Garden Suburb couple launch walk-through sanitisers

Elyse and Jason Lipman, founders of Sterizone

Elyse and Jason Lipman, founders of Sterizone - Credit: Sterizone

A Hampstead Garden Suburb property developer and his wife have launched two walk-through sanitiser products to provide added levels of safety for businesses.

Jason and Elyse Lipman launched Sterizone at the beginning of the year after seeing a clear gap in the anti-bacterial and sanitiser market.

The Waqua Thema and Ikarus models emit 3-4 seconds of fine mist spray once an individual steps on to them. 

The company says the devices kill up to 99.995% of unwanted bacteria, with its website saying: "Whilst they can disable coronavirus bacteria on the skin or clothes of the user, we do not like to say explicitly that Waqua would kill Covid-19 as the virus could still very easily be spread by a cough or a sneeze. What Waqua does is provide that extra level of safety, hygiene and cleanliness to keep everyone as safe as possible.

"Of course, people should still do their part when in public to socially distance, wear their mask and isolate if they test positive or show any symptoms at all of Covid-19."

Jason said: “These devices can really help people's mindsets and give them the comfort they need to start getting back out there, and re-adjusting to life outside of lockdown. We see this as an extra level of protection. People can feel safe returning to the things they love and have missed so much.”

The couple say demand has been strong since Sterizone’s launch this year, with talks with businesses across the commercial sector, including the hospitality industry, as well as car dealerships and airports.

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The sanitising solution is 99.84% water and is vegan, alcohol and paraben free, as well as being 100% biodegradable.

The main active element is hypochlorous acid, a natural substance, found in our own bodies, that is used to fight infection and has excellent proven germ-killing abilities.

The Sterizone Waqua Ikarus

The Sterizone Waqua Ikarus - Credit: Sterizone

Jason said Sterizone's walk-through sanitisers bear no similarity to disinfectant tunnels and cabins that have been introduced in other European countries. The World Health Organisation has previously stated that such systems should not be used under any circumstances due to the potential physical harm through skin and eye irritation due to inhalation.

The 34-year-old said Sterizone’s devices allow clean air to flow through, never enclosing anyone in a confined space.

Visit https://www.steri-zone.co.uk to find out more.

The Sterizone Waqua Thema

The Sterizone Waqua Thema - Credit: Sterizone