Pupil joins sister with maximum IQ test score

 Sathvik Velan

Sathvik Velan - Credit: Priya Velan

Hampstead Garden Suburbs siblings have achieved the top one percentile of intelligence compared to the rest of the population in the British Mensa Test.

Sathvik Velan, 10, and his sister Smrithika,15, gained a score of 162 in the IQ test, which examines diagrammatic and verbal reasoning ability.

People with the top 2% scores can become Mensa members, accessing networking events, lectures and interest groups.

Brookland Junior School student Sathvik said: "It was very interesting sitting the test with other grownups. I was the only kid there. I didn't want the test to end because it felt very fascinating and stimulating.”

He said he plans to travel the world and take the Mensa test in different countries, as they have different high scores.

Sathvik and Smrithika Velan.

Sathvik and Smrithika Velan. - Credit: Priya Velan

Smrithika, who took the test in 2017, said: “I’ve always known that he is smart, so his results didn't come as a surprise to me. However, I'm still very proud and find it unreal that we both got the same score.”

Mum Priya, from Chennai in South India, said: “It is sometimes scary to realize that both the children are gifted but the tough part is staying on top of their needs and keeping up with them.

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“I allow my children to flourish at their own comfortable pace. I take their lead and support them to realize their optimum potential.”

Smrithika said she has her eye on a medical career, and researched Covid19 during lockdown. 

The Henrietta Barnett School student said: “For as long as I can remember, I had a fascination with the secrets of the human body. I’ve always liked both helping people and solving puzzles, and working in a medical field ticks both boxes.”

Parents Priya and Senthil, who have lived in the UK since 2004, have an IT background, and Priya now tutors disadvantaged primary school pupils.

Sathvik enjoys watching Youtube videos and plays video games like Minecraft and Terraria. 

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