Hampstead election veteran Rainbow George back on the campaign trail

Rainbow George might be gone but his ambition to make London a single-city state has been taken on by his alter ego.

With London mayoral elections fast approaching this is one race Stirling Silver, formerly Rainbow George, does not want to be left out of.

The election veteran is on the campaign trail to recruit a high profile celebrity to push his agenda of making the capital a country of its own with a “bank of wonders”.

It has not been confirmed who will champion the cause of Silver’s Roc (Radical Opposition Coalition) and Scroll (Sacredly Crafted Running of Lovely Land) United movement, but enfants terribles Russell Brand and Sacha Baron Cohen could throw their hats into the ring, according to Heathman’s sources.

Silver, also known as George Weiss, has appeared multiple times on Russell Brand’s former BBC Radio 2 show and has invited him to lead his political party in the past.

It is fair to say Silver, known to Hampstead residents as George Weiss, has not fared well in his previous forays into politics.

In the 2005 General Election he ran for seats in 13 different constituency in a costly and ill-fated election bid.

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Silver said of his campaign: “A high profile candidate will be giving the people of London the opportunity to become a self-governing city and an independent state.

“We’re also looking to establish the bank of wonders that will operate with a new currency for London which will be called the wonder so that London can become a cashless city. Most criminal activity would come to an end.

“In every wonder there are 100 gasps and even though circumstances might see you go down to your last gasp occasionally, wonders will never cease.

“The Lovernment of London will replace the Government.”

Silver himself is down to his last gasp after squandering the small fortune he earned from selling his Hampstead home, which he won through squatting laws.

Down to his last pennies Silver had planned on moving to Brighton after falling behind on his rent, but he has since told the Ham&High that the move might not be so far-flung.

“I’m definitely leaving Hampstead. I’m standing at a crossroads and I’m not sure which direction to take at this point.

“It depends on where Camden Council can house me. It could be as close as Highgate,” he said.