Hampstead entrepreneur promotes eco-conscious men's fashion

Ted Gibson, the Hampstead man behind Coalo 

Ted Gibson, the Hampstead man behind Coalo, an online sustainable menswear marketplace - Credit: Ted Gibson

A Hampstead resident has launched an online marketplace for eco-conscious and ethically made menswear. 

Ted Gibson's Coalo currently features eight European brands - including the self-declared world’s first "climate positive" footwear brand Elliot Footwear. 

With each purchase on Coalo five trees are planted, and the 26-year-old said: "It’s an offsetting program we’re part of, an additional thing we do on top of vetting for these brands.

“I worked out that for UK and EU orders, that (the tree-planting) should offset the carbon produced by making a similar item and getting that delivered.”

According to Ted, Coalo customers save 29.5kg of carbon emissions per purchase. 

“A couple of the brands actually do it themselves as well,” he added. 

Elliott footwear, available through Coalo

Elliott footwear, available through Coalo - Credit: Elliott

The website - coalo.earth - exclusively sells sustainable clothing made from certified natural materials.

The certified B Corp meets high ethical and environmental standards by featuring brands that are transparent about their supply chains, generate low emissions in their manufacturing processes and create durable clothing.

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When setting up the digital marketplace, Gibson received support from the Prince’s Trust Enterprise Program which offers mentoring and loans for business owners.

Ted launched Coalo in March 2020, at the start of the pandemic. 

“There was a little bit of now or never,” he said. “I wasn’t too worried about anything coronavirus-related, but it was a concern more generally: what would consumers be thinking about and looking at? 

“But then we saw across the board a move towards more shopping online, and I expect that will soon plateau off higher than it was pre-pandemic. As people need to present a bit more outside, hopefully they’ll start looking at buying clothes a bit more online.” 

Coalo’s range aims to capture a "curated, timeless" aesthetic and spans from workwear to undergarments. Prices range from £25 for an organic cotton T-shirt to £240 for a jacket. 

“We encourage a lifestyle that revolves around caring for our environment by supporting small designers and brands pushing long lasting products," said Ted. 

"Our promise is to source brands and pieces that share these values and provide a platform so they are easily accessible.

“More and more consumers are looking to shop consciously but for men's fashion, there isn’t a lot of information on how to find sustainable clothes that don’t compromise on style.”