Hampstead celebrates as Camden Council shelves plans to sell off gardens

The town hall has withdrawn plans to sell off two gardens in Hampstead.

Camden Council had put forward proposals to sell a small plot of land which had once been part of the Burgh House estate and a communal garden at Wells House.

The U-turn was announced this week after the proposals were greeted with criticism from residents at the housing estate and managers at the Hampstead museum.

Hampstead Town councillor Linda Chung, who had gathered 200 signatures for a petition against the plans, said they would have caused “irreparable damage to the historic heart of Hampstead and denied open space to the residents of Wells House”.

However, cabinet member for housing, Cllr Julian Fulbrook, said the plans were only suggested because Hampstead ward councillors did not reply to his letters asking for their feedback on the sale of the sites.

He said: “Other ward councillors got in touch to say this or that proposal was not a good idea, but here was some land which might have been suitable.”