Six Hampstead Town by-election candidates seeking votes on July 7

Hampstead Town candidates july 2022

Clockwise from top left: Alex Andrews, Linda Chung, Alex Sufit, Peter McGinty, Jonathan Livingstone, Patrick McGinnis - Credit: Archant

With a week to go, six Hampstead Town candidates are battling it out for your vote.

Adrian Cohen stood down weeks after being the first Labour candidate to win in Hampstead Town in May's election.

With the by-election taking place on July 7, we asked all six candidates what their top priorities are, and what they love about Hampstead.

In alphabetical order:

Alexandria Andrews, Conservative Party

Alexandria (Alex) Andrews is the Conservative candidate for Hampstead Town

Alexandria (Alex) Andrews is the Conservative candidate for Hampstead Town - Credit: London Conservative Party

"I will work with Stephen to fight passionately to preserve Hampstead’s character, deliver cleaner and safer streets, and give residents a voice

“I heard time and again the message that the government needed to change, and that message was heard loud and clear in May.  

"[Cllr Stephen Stark] and I will make a seamless, energetic team entirely focused on the job of championing Hampstead and holding the Labour-run council to account.”

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Linda Chung, Liberal Democrat Party

Liberal Democrat Linda Chung

Liberal Democrat Linda Chung - Credit: Polly Hancock

"I have a vision for Hampstead to make it the perfect example of how, with community will, we can create a rich and diverse environment that everyone can take part in and enjoy.

"That means a safe and clean environment, a health driven agenda, and provision of reliable services and amenities.

"As your councillor, I will provide leadership to turn those priorities into actions, and will work with the council, not against it, to achieve that."

The best thing about Hampstead?

"Hampstead is a unique microcosm, made up of a fine cultural history, and people with generosity of spirit and of inclusive character who will fight for its beliefs."

Jonathan Livingstone, Independent

Jonathan Livingstone, Independent candidate for Hampstead Town

Jonathan Livingstone, Independent candidate for Hampstead Town - Credit: Jonathan Livingstone

"I held a street stall to launch my campaign on June 11 and the top two issues from voters I surveyed were (i) crime and public safety and (ii) planning and building development.

"As an independent candidate who will give Hampstead its own voice I am uniquely positioned to ensure those concerns are addressed without fear or favour from party political interests.

"Housing is also an important issue and I will continue to highlight the lack of fair protections for leaseholders.  

"The current system is open to abuse by freeholders as there is no ombudsman to protect leaseholders.  

Best thing about Hampstead? 

"I’ve lived in Hampstead for over 10 years and I love the vibrancy of the village whilst also being able to leave the stresses of city life behind by spending time with my family on the Heath." 

Patrick McGinnis, National Housing Party

Patrick McGinnis, National Housing Party candidate for Hampstead Town

Patrick McGinnis, National Housing Party candidate for Hampstead Town - Credit: National Housing Party

"NHPUK are a new party. Our main concern is the housing crisis. NHPUK campaign for a ban on foreign ownership of UK property. Housing prices are out of control because UK housing is on the globalist market.

"In order to bring Hampstead housing prices down, the housing market must be nationalised. Many people are homeless in Hampstead who are being ignored.

"Labour/Conservative run Camden Council continue to put refugees before locals for housing.

"With 1.2 million people on social housing waiting lists, NHPUK campaigns to exit the 1951 UN Refugee Convention."

"All road closure LTN schemes must be re-opened. 

Best thing about Hampstead?

"The traditional English pub culture."

Peter McGinty, Green Party

Peter McGinty Green Party Candidate for Hampstead Town

Peter McGinty, Green Party candidate for Hampstead Town - Credit: Green Party

"Encourage the small businesses and enterprises that provide jobs in arts, culture, services, and the creative industries that in turn foster and utilise a full range of skilled and semi-skilled manual jobs that combine to make a healthy local economy.

"Reduce through traffic, and air pollution, on our main roads and rat-runs to make our streets safer and less polluted for all road users: cars, vans, deliveries, bikes, and pedestrians. All of us.

"Planning and securing the future: Preserve the unique character of Hampstead High Street and surrounding lanes that make Hampstead Town such a glorious place to be."

Best thing about Hampstead?

"The people, of course, combined with the unique history and character of Hampstead Town that combine to make it such a special and unique community in London."

Alexandra Sufit, Labour

Labour candidate Alex Sufit is standing in Hampstead Town hoping to 'turn it red'

Labour candidate Alex Sufit is standing in Hampstead Town hoping to 'turn it red' - Credit: Alex Sufit

"I’m Hampstead born and raised. Time for an energetic candidate who truly cares. This is my home, so I’m invested in making sure NW3 thrives. 

"That means ensuring Camden Labour’s £2m cost of living fund goes to those who need it most.

"Continuing my campaign to bring back neighbourhood policing.

"And fighting non-stop to save the iconic No 24 bus route."

Best thing about Hampstead?

"Its people. I’ll give us all a voice, and always fight your corner in Town Hall."