Hampstead BID spends final funds on community Christmas tree

The BID Christmas tree in Oriel Place, Hampstead

The BID Christmas tree in Oriel Place, Hampstead - Credit: Els Bauer

Hampstead's business improvement district (BID) has bought a festive tree with its remaining funds. 

The BID, which charged a levy to local businesses whose premises had a rateable value of over £15,000, is disbanding after pulling out of a ballot to decide whether it would continue for a second five-year term.

It had faced vocal local opposition and then questions over any remaining funds.

With the money left over, the BID has bought a Christmas tree for Oriel Place, as well as rewiring some lights in the village and providing some spring flower baskets. 

Two other Christmas trees, one outside Barclays in the High Street, funded by local businesses, and another outside KOJO, funded by the vegan restaurant, add to Hampstead's festive surroundings.

Els Bauer, co-chair of the BID, said: "The Oriel Place Christmas tree is to say thank you to the businesses of Hampstead Village for supporting the community over the last five years."

The Hampstead Village BID Christmas tree

The Hampstead Village BID Christmas tree - Credit: Nathalie Raffray

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