Ham&High launches Give Away Your Lunch challenge for Mitzvah Day 2013

The Ham&High is calling on readers to give up their lunch for just one day to help the homeless and support this year’s Mitzvah Day challenge.

Each year the paper and its sister editions the Ham&High Broadway and Wood&Vale join forces with Mitzvah Day, the annual Jewish day of giving, to promote community goodwill while helping vulnerable members of our society.

This year the Ham&High is launching its first-ever Give Away Your Lunch campaign asking families, work colleagues, church groups or schools to visit a local homeless shelter and donate their lunch to the hungry and needy.

Or, if that’s impossible, why not buy a lunch item to donate, which will go directly to homeless charities and the individuals they serve.

Laura Marks, founder and director of Mitzvah Day, said “Our mission is to acknowledge and do something about the hard fact that many of us are deeply concerned at the increasing number of people sleeping rough or finding themselves with the looming threat of homelessness and want to do something to help.

“At the heart of Mitzvah Day is a belief that showing we care translates into taking action, appreciating that even what is perceived to be a ‘small’ gesture actually does make a genuine difference.

“We’re thrilled that the Ham&High Mitzvah Day challenge this year is about expanding reach to those who are homeless and equally reaching out to those who wish to help but aren’t quite sure how.”

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Mitzvah Day this year falls on Sunday, November 17 and the Give Away Your Lunch challenge is simple for anyone to participate in.

People can take part and visit a local homeless shelter anytime over the Mitzvah Day weekend – from Friday, November 15 to Sunday, November 17.

Busy people who want to engage in a meaningful way but do not have an abundance of time can still shape this national issue by donating food.

Geoff Martin, editor-in-chief of the Ham&High said: “Mitzvah Day is a wonderful event.

“It brings people together for the good of the community. We are delighted to be associated with it.

“It is very appropriate this year that there is a special emphasis on the plight of the homeless.”

To sign up your business, school, religious organisation or group for Give Away Your Lunch, register at http://bit.ly/GzIDBa and choose from a list of shelters.