Opinion: Roll-out of 5G technology puts fertility rate at further risk

PUBLISHED: 14:30 12 December 2019

Jessica Learmond-Criqui has serious concerns about the 5G rollout.

Jessica Learmond-Criqui has serious concerns about the 5G rollout.


The day of reckoning is approaching

Our world is changing faster than we can comprehend. We are in a new wave of the Wild West and, indeed, the industrial age of technological development - the fast approaching 5G microwaves are coming to a street near you.

Mobile social media on 2G - 4G (operating on various electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) up to 1.5GHz) has seen an explosion of enlightening and dark activity. 5G promises so much more by using the microwave spectrum, but at what cost? Ofcom want to auction 700mHz and 3.5GHz in the spring and, since 2017, has been gearing up to make available for 5G spectrum in the 26GHz and also in the 66-71GHz bands.

Millions of large and small cell antennae are being planned by various companies to cover every corner of our island. None of them seem interested in the adverse health impact of what they have embarked on - over 1,800 scientific studies exist to show harm to humans, animals, pollinators, birds, insects and trees by both low and high EMFs.

Neither the government nor its departments, Parliament, Public Health England or the Health and Safety Executive - just about all our protection agencies - are doing their job to keep us safe. The BBC and Ofcom wave the flag for 5G - wrapped up in the miasma of untruths about the safety of 5G EMFs and indeed, current EMFs.

They all say EMFs, including levels of output from mobile service antennae are safe for public consumption.

Parts of the EU governmental organisations and the UN sing from the same hymn sheet. The co-ordination among local councils, national agencies, international and global organisations is quite staggering and, quite frankly, breath-taking in their cavalier attitude to this major environmental catastrophe in the making.

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But, like the Pied Piper, they are leading humanity to its ultimate destruction. I speak here not of the age of robots, which is upon us, but of the fertility of humankind.

The EMFs from the 700mHz frequency band is known to penetrate deep into human tissue - up to 13cm. A recent study by Kesari et al in Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology last year concludes that "testicles are very sensitive to these radiations because of the development and maturation processes of sperm taking place in the testicles. It is also well established that the developing phase of the brain and the testicles are very sensitive to radiation, which may cause severe damages in the form of genotoxic effects" and so on.

The millions of micro cells which will be deployed to deliver the data load promises of 5G are destined to be as little as four feet off the ground.

It does not take a genius to understand the potential impact on fertility with the roll out of 5G infrastructure.

We are already experiencing an impact on fertility from other factors. Now there will be this to add to the mix.

Dr Martin Pall of Washington State University predicts a collapse in human fertility within 10 years following the roll out of 5G.

Why not hard wire 5G instead of using EMFs? Israel is rolling out fibre optic cable. Why are mobile companies and our government being allowed to be lazy by using microwaves on our streets.

Why tolerate it on our streets, including in North West London?

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