Editor’s comment: Where are paedophiles’ mugshots?

Two paedophiles were sentenced at Blackfriars Crown Court. Picture: PA ARCHIVE

Two paedophiles were sentenced at Blackfriars Crown Court. Picture: PA ARCHIVE - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

If you think it’s a bit weird that we’ve illustrated the conviction of two paedophiles with a general view of a court instead of their faces, you’re quite right.

Despite the fact the police have acknowledged that these men in all likelihood preyed on more victims than the three who bravely came forward, no one at Scotland Yard thought there was any point photographing them.

When we asked police for their mugshots, we were told that, because they were summonsed rather than arrested when they entered custody, they never had their pictures taken. That it might be the work of seconds to send someone to see them with a camera at literally any stage of their questioning doesn’t seem to have been considered. Someone could do it now – it’s not like no one knows where they are.

It may be a cliche that a picture is worth a thousand words, but it seems fairly self-evident that these men’s faces would do far more to catch the eye of potential victims on the newsstands or online than a few hundred words. To keep them out of the press for little more reason than “computer says no” is an absurdly unnecessary injustice to anyone who may have survived their abuse.

• I remember being heartbroken when the (new) catchment areas in Bristol stopped me going to the same secondary school as most of my friends, so I understand geography isn’t a perfect way of allocating places.

But nor, I believe, is parents’ financial flexibility. Some might be willing or able to move house at whim, but most aren’t. Are their kids really more deserving of the “best” school places?

All Haringey’s schools are good or outstanding. As hard as it might be to accept, whether or not a child gets on well in education is partly the product of chance. But the example, support and discipline of their parents plays a huge role, too. What example are parents who jump the queue by moving house – or by lying on application forms – setting for their kids?