Opinion: No deal looms large on the horizon as Brexit takes time away from key issues

Jessica Learmond-Criqui worries about the time wasted on Brexit while other issues are ignored.

Jessica Learmond-Criqui worries about the time wasted on Brexit while other issues are ignored. - Credit: Archant

As I reflect on the Brexit crisis gripping our great nation and the wilfulness of the MPs who forced Theresa May to resign – given the hard October drop dead date which the EU has laid down – I feel, like many of you, in a state of suspended animation.

By all accounts, any MP who takes over from Mrs May is a hard Brexiteer. They won't get a different deal through, there is no mention of revocation from any of the candidates and the EU won't budge to change the October date. We are crashing out in October with no deal.

We must now prepare to feed ourselves after Brexit day. Over 10,000 containers a day arrive from the continent with 40 per cent of our food and that flow must not be halted lest those without means to meet rising prices starve. We must now earnestly prepare for a hard Brexit. As one Chamber of Commerce has put it, even a 60 to 70 second delay per truck could see the south of the UK become a car park.

Instead, government is paralysed with an unnecessary leadership contest which is being foisted on us to realise the overtly transparent ambitions of a few souls who cannot wait their turn and calm their anxious machinations.

Who would not think that they can do a better job than PM May? Who would not want the trappings of being PM and their fingers on the pulse of the Treasury's bank accounts - the very organ that could determine the difference between life and death for those who currently go hungry?

That Boris Johnson and Michael Gove are being considered as leaders of this country is surreal. That the Gove/Johnson duo ("Goson") were ever allowed to hold public office again after their Brexit campaign is a calamity. Gove's appeal to ignore experts' views on the impact of Brexit intellectually blinded many to the current consequences of their actions, which should never be forgiven or forgotten.

Goson's "£350m a week payment to the EU" lie left one aghast. Johnson was fired from The Times for lying in an article and sacked from the Tory front bench for lying about an affair. And let's not forget that, as mayor, he started the decimation of our Met police which, in part, now sees stab victim after stab victim, some just teenagers, dying on our streets, without end in sight to this crisis.

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Why is he even given media air as an heir apparent?

Brexit has unleashed a virulent hatred of any with an opposing view. This has set the stage for the tenor of public debate which is being adversely stoked into incitement to violence from the mendacious Farage who re-joined the fray when he observed his Brexit project of 25 years becoming a mirage. His rabid appeal to his base to put fear into MPs and himself to take up a rifle and join the front line are an affront to national debate.

Each MP must take blame for the mire in which we now wade. They had notice of how Mrs May wished to proceed on Northern Ireland in December 2017 and they did not sufficiently interrogate her indications then. They failed in their duty to this country and they and the media now conveniently heap opprobrium on Mrs May.

Despite the gathering economic clouds, Londoners, please don't be distracted too much and understand the impact of a third runway at Heathrow, which will see over 200,000 more flights a year taking the total to just over 740,000. In north west London, that means potentially 188 flights per hour flying at 3,000 to 4,000 ft above us - which for those in Hampstead means 2,500 to 3,500 ft above us. The noise will be deafening and no one will be able to sleep or rest. Just bear that in mind during this time of national crisis.