Greens slam King's Cross development

DEVELOPERS are failing to transform King s Cross into a flagship for the whole of Europe , according to green campaigners.

DEVELOPERS are failing to transform King's Cross into a "flagship for the whole of Europe", according to green campaigners.

Camden Green Party has slammed the latest plans to redevelop the King's Cross railway lands for not including any affordable business units and providing insufficient affordable housing.

The environmental activists say the land is a "blank slate" for the developers Argent - and a massive opportunity to make Camden green. They also claim the development will tower over the canal and nearby Camley Street Natural Park.

Camden Greens' chairman Adrian Oliver said: "These new plans still fall short of any reasonable definition of sustainable development.

"The area south of the Regent's Canal is even less mixed-use than before, housing has been reduced and it is now almost all office space. The purpose of a mixed-use development is to provide jobs close to people's homes, reducing the need to travel by any means other than on foot or by bicycle."

He added: "Despite the new wind turbines and solar schemes there is a lack of vision within the plans for energy provision.

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"The King's Cross development represents a unique opportunity for a large-scale zero-energy development in the UK and could become a flagship for the whole of Europe."

An Argent spokeswoman said: "Our revised plans for King's Cross Central are in line with the planning and development brief adopted for the site by both Camden Council and Islington Council and include far-reaching initiatives on energy and other aspects of sustainability.