Graffiti artist Borderin vows to shake Belsize Park from suburban slumber

A graffiti artist has told the Ham&High of his ambition to bring a touch of the East End to Belsize Park and shake it out of suburban slumber.

Borderin has been making a name for himself with a collection of eye-catching pieces of work dotted around the area, including Darth Vader sitting on a toilet and Jackson Pollock mid-masterpiece,

Speaking to the Ham&High, Borderin described himself as a “semi-local” man in his 30s, and said that Belsize Park was the perfect place to showcase his style – which is influenced by film and artists such as Pollock and Picasso.

“Street art to me is whatever you want it to be,” he said. “You can use the street in context with your piece of work, or you can use it as a canvas. I believe it’s free of bounds

“I’m trying to shake up the area a bit. It needs some more colour. It’s becoming too set in its suburban ways and the East End has tons of great work out there already. I’m bringing the art to north west London.”