Get experienced with the Hendrix hotel trip

A MARYLEBONE hotel renowned as the last known address of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix has opened up a special suite to mark the 40th anniversary of the rock legend’s death.

Designed by interior designer Mary Gannon, The Cumberland Hotel, just off Park Lane, has decked out a fifth-floor room favoured by the guitar guru in a suitably psychedelic style.

At �399 per night, the Hendrix suite, left, showcases an original 1960s printed panel called Peacock by Mariji Isola, along with a wall of framed NME covers from the 1960s featuring Jimi.

Centrepiece of the room is a flaming three-metre Hendrix mural by renowned graphic designer Andie Airfix, who has worked for The Rolling Stones.

Guests will also be able to listen to the original, uncut audio tape of Hendrix’s last interview, conducted by Keith Altham, then working for the NME.

Altham said: “I think he would have loved the idea of a special room designed in a style which is harmonised to his music and memory and where others might gain inspiration from his work.”

Ten pounds from the cost of each night’s stay in the room will be donated by the hotel to The Hendrix Foundation, an organisation helping deprived children to learn to play instruments.

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The Cumberland is also set to host a mini-photography exhibition dedicated to the rock icon.