'Summer celebration of the Loudest Whispers art exhibition'

Loudest Whispers Summer Exhibition

The Loudest Whispers art exhibition! The LGBTQ+ Loudest Whispers Exhibition launched online can now be visited in person - Credit: The Arts project and forum+

forum+ and the Arts Project are very proud to present a summer celebration of the Loudest Whispers art exhibition.

The LGBTQ+ Loudest Whispers Exhibition launched online in February for Camden & Islington LGBT History Month and we are now very excited to be able to present an exhibition that can be attended in person.

The exhibition opened on Monday, July 12, at the Conference Centre at St Pancras Hospital and is framed by the dazzling creations of Brighton artist Dave Pops. Enjoy striking new avant-garde works including decorated giraffes, woven jewellery, face masks and and a pink elephant that welcomes you into a magical world of sunglasses, flip flops and candy on a stick.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic we have been reminded of the value of the arts and the strong bonds and links between culture, health and wellbeing. Art exhibitions, such as Loudest Whispers, not only capture the historic achievements, love and artistry of the LGBTQ+ community but are also a means of raising awareness for the issues faced by LGBTQ+ people.

Tessa Havers-Strong says the past year has also demonstrated the resilience of our community

Tessa Havers-Strong is getting ready to celebrate summer - Credit: forum+

The importance and urgency for access to the arts has been exacerbated by the impact of Covid-19 on mental health. The social isolation, economic uncertainty, and increased anxiety caused by Covid-19 has compounded the inequalities and discrimination that some LGBTQ+ people may still sadly too often face.

Our recent Lockdown Experience Survey (forumplus.org.uk/news-item/covid-19-lockdown-experience-survey-results/ ) revealed that most respondents experienced a deterioration in their mental or physical health over the lockdown. Access to arts and cultural events have reduced isolation and been a vital way for people to stay connected.

We are preparing to exit lockdown restrictions on Monday, July 19, with cautious optimism and hope for the remainder of the summer to be one of celebration, full of community spirit and excitement. For anyone feeling nervous or hesitant about visiting in person events and returning to face to face activities, forum+ is continuing to offer an online programme of activities.

To join our events please email info@forumplus.org.uk and for the latest news on the Loudest Whispers Art Summer Exhibition please email theartsproject1@gmail.com and please check forum+ social media and website: Twitter: @forumplus, Facebook: @forumplus and forumplus.org.uk

Tessa Havers-Strong is director of forum+