Fortis Green CPZ installed despite ‘huge opposition’ from homeowners

Residents’ own survey found majority of people were against Haringey Council’s plans

A controlled parking zone has been introduced in a Fortis Green residential area despite the majority of homeowners being against it.

Hassan Esfandiary and Geoffrey Ferris were so confused by the installation of the permit zone in Lynmouth Road after a fast-track consultation that they decided to carry out their own questionnaire in the road.

They found 29 of their neighbours were against the scheme, while only 10 supported it.

Haringey Council claims it agreed to consult on and then introduce the CPZ in Lymouth Road and nearby Francis and Eastern Roads in response to residents’ concerns about parking pressures.

Mr Esfandiary says local councillor Martin Newton then surveyed the top half of the road to check if they wanted to be included in the scheme. As a result, the whole road was included.

But Mr Esfandiary says their survey shows people in both parts of the road were actually against it.

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He said: “Nobody in this road had a problem parking – this is just absolute nonsense.

“For the council to promote this and make out it’s a democratic process and then to do it by misrepresenting the facts really annoys me – we are not stupid.

“Our survey shows 29 against and 10 for it. So how on earth did the council come to their conclusions?”

Fellow Lynmouth Road resident Mr Ferris added: “I think this is undemocratic. I’m not against CPZs but I’m against them being put in when people have said they don’t want them.”

Cllr Newton said he was merely checking the council’s assertion that the top of Lynmouth Road wanted to be included in the CPZ.

He added: “In general, the response was that, if it was going ahead, they preferred to be included in the CPZ. I think, overall, we achieved the right balance.”

A Haringey Council spokeswoman said: “The Fortis Green CPZ was introduced to address parking displacement from the East Finchley CPZ, operated by Barnet Council.

“An extension to the CPZ was proposed following representations from the local community regarding parking issues in the area, including displacement from the East Finchley and Fortis Green CPZs. A petition calling for an extension of the zone included signatures from 25 residents of Lynmouth Road, as well as signatures from residents of Eastern Road and Lauradale Road.

“Our surveys also indicated that the greatest stress on parking was experienced in those three roads.

“The recommendation to extend the CPZ to Lynmouth, Eastern and Lauradale Roads only, was supported by Haringey Council’s consultation and by ward councillors, who discussed the scheme with residents.”

Meanwhile, Barnet Council has revealed they may call a halt on all new CPZs unless they can be funded by private development.