Fireworks banned again on Primrose Hill on Bonfire Night

Fireworks of Primrose Hill

Fireworks of Primrose Hill - Credit: Archant

Fireworks and paper lanterns are to be banned again on Primrose Hill on bonfire night, with the park closed from 9pm.

The hill is traditionally a popular site for people to watch firework displays from across the city on November 5, and on New Year’s Eve.

Spectators will still be able to do so, but the park will close at 9pm on bonfire night, and 1am on New Year’s Eve.

Police will be at the gates to Primrose Hill to stop anyone attempting to bring fireworks or lanterns. Supported by Royal Parks officers, they will also ask people not to leave litter, after a substantial amount was left last year.

A Royal Parks Metropolitan Police spokesperson, said: “I urge members of the public not to bring fireworks to Primrose Hill. This will allow my officers to focus their efforts on ensuring that park visitors remain safe, that the atmosphere remains good natured and that anti-social behaviour is dealt with.”

The 9pm closure began on Monday and will run til November 8.

During the New Years celebrations to mark 2016, Primrose Hill was left trashed with reports that some had even defecated in the area.

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The lack of police presence left some able to rampage through the area vandalising community projects, urinating on front doors and, as one resident noted, leaving Primrose Hill “looking like a slum”.

Residents awoke on New Year’s Day to see the park and surrounding streets “the worst they’ve ever been”, littered with smashed glass.

Phil Cowan, who lives on Albert Terrace, which overlooks the park, described the scene in 2016 as “complete chaos.”

Speaking to the Ham&High this week, Mr Cowan said it was unfortunate that there weren’t the resources to police the event properly.

“They have to prioritise where they go and if there’s a big event in Camden Town that’s where they’ll be. It’s good that the park have supposedly put the hill on lockdown for all of this week because there were people setting off fireworks last week.

“However, I find it etxraordinary that people do let of these fireworks right next to the zoo. Animals are terrifed and I don’t know why they think it’s a good place.”