Fascist blogger planning anti-Semitic Golders Green rally is ‘banned from London’

Joshua Bonehill

Joshua Bonehill - Credit: Archant

A row has erupted between the far-right organisers of a planned anti-Semitic demonstration in Golders Green.

The protest, which is due to take place on Saturday, July 4, has allegedly been orchestrated by Joshua Bonehill, a notorious white supremacist, who lives in Yeovil in Somerset.

Bonehill, who was also behind an anti-Semitic rally in Stamford Hill, has allegedly been banned from entering the whole of London by Metropolitan Police officers investigating allegations of inciting racial hatred.

The 22-year-old, who has a string of criminal convictions, and is a prolific internet troll, posted an image on his blog purporting to show a letter from police outlining bail conditions banning him from entering “the area contained within the M25 except to answer police bail”.

On his blog, Bonehill said that following the ban he had asked another far-right activist, Eddie Stampton, to take over the organisation of the Golders Green demonstration.

Stampton was reportedly organising the demonstration with Piers Mellor, the London organiser of the New Dawn party, named in homage to Greece’s fascist Golden Dawn party.

However, Bonehill has now claimed that he has removed Stampton as organiser of the demonstration, after he invited a Jewish speaker to appear at the rally.

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On his blog post, he said: “There has been talk of a “New Dawn Party” being behind these demonstrations. To my knowledge, these allegations are completely untrue and unfounded...

“Having placed Eddie Stampton as principle organiser of my Anti-Jewification initiative in London, evidence has now come to light which makes his position untenable.

“Anybody wishing to organise, lead or speak on July 4 should make contact with me.

“I ask all other parties, organisations and media outlets to completely ignore and bypass Eddie Stampton as he is no longer involved...

”After the incompetency of Eddie Stampton and the failures of New Dawn, I will now be leading and fronting the campaign myself – the campaign I initiated in February.”

Bonehill, the self-proclaimed “leader of fascist movement, National Liberation” also responded to comments made by Finchley and Golders Green MP Mike Freer and Prime Minister David Cameron, who called for action to be taken against demonstrators.

On his blog he said: “In response to Mr. Freer, I can wholeheartedly promise that there will be more demonstrations against the Shomrim Police and the Jewification of London.

“As members of this so-called “democracy”, it is our right to oppose peacefully by means of demonstration and we will be using that right in the coming months ahead.”

He went on to say that further demonstrations were planned in Finchley, Stamford Hill, and “several other locations” later this year, as part on an “anti-Jewification initiative.”

Bonehill also attacked the multifaith Golders Green Together group on his blog, and said July’s demonstration in Golders Green would feature a ritual burning of holy books and destruction of flags.

He wrote: “Activists are welcome to bring Israeli flags on July 4 as we will be destroying them in an act of opposition to Israel.

“This will be a show of solidarity by English people who recognise that Israel is a corrupt state which is responsible for horrific war crimes.

“To avoid prosecution – as witnessed in Newcastle at White Man March – we will not be burning flags, we will dismember them by hand.

“There will also be a private ceremony held before the demonstration at an undisclosed and private location where copies of the Talmud books will be burnt in recognition of its racist anti-white teachings.

“For the Israeli flags that are not destroyed by hand, we will use them to stand upon as we make our historic opposition of the Shomrim Police.”

Bonehill also revealed that fascists had declined an olive branch from the Shomrim.

He wrote: “The Shomrim Police have approached a number of our activists and offered them the chance to patrol with the Shomrim.

“This offer is wholly rejected by our movement, we will not compromise nor negotiate with the Shomrim and this is final.

“We are an ideological force of opposition, the agenda of this movement is clear and we will not cower away from our objectives or goals.”