Estate agent values luxury Highgate treehouse in primary school at £100,000

Nestled in sought-after leafy Highgate, this one-bedroom Scandinavian-style home would set you back £100,000, even though it cost just £20,000 to complete.

The luxury tree house has been built for children at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Highgate Hill.

High Street estate agents Taylor Gibbs struggled to put a market value on the large timber structure, built around an elder tree, but said it would cost a buyer between £50,000 and £100,000.

Associate director Charlotte Bourne said: “It is stunning but there is no way to value it. It could either be something like £50-£100k or it could be sold as art, which would bump its price up dramatically.”

The tree house, funded by a lottery grant, was built by Highgate-based company High Life Treehouses, which has been making bespoke tree houses and summer homes in its Highgate High Street workshop for 10 years.

The structure is made entirely of timber and has a stunning tree motif carved onto the door.

A wide veranda encircles the house, which is seven metres in total in diameter, and it has four windows looking out onto the school grounds.

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While the tree house does not have electricity, the director of High Life Treehouses, Henry Durham, said this could be installed.

“The kids are so excited about it,” the 36-year-old said. “But we finished work just before the kids went away for half-term so they have to wait for a while.

“At least they will enjoy going back to school!”

The tree house, which did not need planning permission, took just 12 days to build and cost £20,000.

Chris Underhill, partner at Highgate estate agents Prickett and Ellis Underhill in Highgate High Street, said it would add a “small premium” to the value of a residential property.

He added: “What a fab tree house! Realistically a tree house of that size would only fit in the grounds of a substantial house.

“Generally, you should be able to recover the cost of the structure. It would make a great home office or studio for the creative if you don’t have any kids!”