Estate agent fraudster: I will clear my name

THE Hampstead estate agent jailed for five years for a £500,000 fraud has sent a sensational letter to the Ham&High vowing to prove his innocence

Marc Mullen

THE Hampstead estate agent jailed for five years for a £500,000 fraud has sent a sensational letter to the Ham&High vowing to prove his innocence.

Malcolm Green and his former employee Gem Shevket were found guilty of stealing £500,000 in cash, shares and family heirlooms from paranoid schizophrenic Marshall Davis last month and sentenced to five years each.

The 40-year-old, who used to run Greenfields estate agency on Heath Street, sent the astonishing letter from his cell in Pentonville prison.

Prisoner WA8041 wrote: "I write to express my shock and utter disappointment at the verdicts reached by the jurors. I was just so convinced that I would be cleared.

"I have not deceived the victim or had any part in conducting these crimes, grotesque crimes!

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"I admit that I was not hands-on in relation to the activities of my firm. I was often away in France or Monaco during these activities.

"It does not matter how long it takes. I will pursue clearing my name from these horrible convictions. I will ensure that the victim is paid back."

Green claims Shevket, 36, was part of a criminal gang and joined his firm under the false name Gem Scheaffer to steal from him.

The jury at Snaresbrook Crown Court heard that Shevket was variously known as Adam Shevket, Martin Ramswell, Richard Ramswell, Mr Alexander and Mr Sheviat.

He is now believed to have changed his name to Miles Cortes.

It was also revealed in court that his sister, Zehra Shevket, had an affair with the officer investigating the case, DC Steve Poynton.

Green wrote: "You heard how they try (sic) to infiltrate the police via his sister who was able to gain advance information to use falsely against me.

"I have been shoved into a big black hole and was paralysed financially, when I understood that investment had been attained (sic) falsely from a schizo man."

During his first few weeks in prison Green also wrote a letter to his victim Mr Davies.

But the Child's Hill resident was furious at Green's excuses. He told the Ham&High: "He said I had colluded with Shevket to blacken his name. It is absolute rubbish. He is claiming his innocence, but he wrote to the registrar claiming he was me so that he could steal my shares.

"And to say he is going to pay me back is absurd. He doesn't have the money or if he does he has hidden it abroad. He is either lying through his teeth or is deluded."

Green and Shevket have been moved to separate wings in Pentonville prison.

On the day the pair were sentenced it was revealed that Green had sent Shevket letters whilst they were awaiting trial, begging him to "tell the truth" and admit that he alone was guilty.

During the trial Green's defence barrister Edward Henry told the court: "This is a reflection of Mr Green's tendency to shoot himself in the foot. It is more a reflection of his mental state of despair. They are the rantings of a man really on the edge of reason."