Sarah Brown visits Camden Schools for Girls

SIXTH formers at Camden School for Girls were given a lesson in feminism from Sarah Brown on Monday when the former prime minister’s wife returned to visit her old school.

Mrs Brown said: “It was great to talk to several hundred young people who asked smart questions and are passionately engaged in issues around equality.”

Whilst discussing mortality rates in developing countries, she kept the audience of 16 to 18-year-olds engaged with stories of men in India who choose to buy new wives when their existing ones get sick.

One student, Celia Hart, 17, said: “She was such a great speaker. Her confidence kept everyone interested.

“Lots of people hadn’t heard about feminism but she went as far as to explain why it’s so important for men to be feminists too.”

Back in the common room the boys were still trying to swallow this idea. Ms Hart added: “Some of them thought adopting feminism might give them a bad image.”

During the visit Mrs Brown found the school had also taken care of its image since her time there: “It’s clear that in the last decade Camden School for Girls has developed some fantastic buildings.”

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The day also gave her a chance to revisit some old memories too: “I received a very warm reception and even met my former chemistry teacher,” she said.