Portland Place School deputy head gives her top 10 revision tips ahead of GSCE and A-level exams

The deputy headteacher of Portland Place School has revealed her top 10 revision tips. Credit: Garet

The deputy headteacher of Portland Place School has revealed her top 10 revision tips. Credit: Gareth Fuller. - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

Julia Findlater, deputy headteacher at Portland Place School, gives her top 10 tips for revision success.

1. REVISION TIMETABLE: Draw up a timetable – it’s essential. It should be realistic, cover all subjects and allow you time to relax. 30-40 minute sessions are best with a short break for social media or stretching your legs.

2. REVISION SPACE: Find a good place to work. It should be quiet and no distractions. Leave your phone outside!

3. MAKE NOTES: Read through your classwork and make notes. Gradually condense your notes so that they fit on the back of a postcard. Take them with you on the bus or tube and revise every spare moment you have.

4. REVISION GUIDES: Find the best – your teacher will know which ones to recommend.

5. LISTEN IN: Record your notes and then play them back while you are walking down the street or at the gym.

6. PROMPTS: Put key words and phrases on sticky Post-it notes around the house. You’ll see them so often the information will go in. The more unusual the place, the more likely you’ll remember the information!

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7. PAST PAPERS: make sure you do lots of past papers. Teachers have loads of them. Make sure you get as many as you need.

8. SEEK HELP: Don’t go it alone. Get your family and friends to test you and help you revise. Do you have an older brother or sister who sat the exams recently – use them as a revision resource – only if they got decent results!

9. LOOK AFTER YOURSELF: Eating a variety of healthy foods doesn’t just help your body, it gives your brain a boost. If you skip meals you won’t be able to concentrate. So, eat regularly and sensibly. Research shows that short bursts of exercise helps you to learn better. So build in some exercise time, if you can’t get out at least do a few stretches.

10. DON’T PANIC and pretend they’ll go away, they won’t. However, if you’re organised you’ll find the exams won’t be the hideous experience you’ve feared – and if you go about things the right way, you’ll also have time for a social life.