Muswell Hill and Crouch End children choose Brexit in heated debate

Catherine West MP, a firm Remainer, watched the vigorous debate between Muswell Hill Primary School

Catherine West MP, a firm Remainer, watched the vigorous debate between Muswell Hill Primary School and Coleridge Primary School. Photo: Nigel Sutton - Credit: Nigel Sutton

Primary schools discuss women’s rights and security with a maturity to rival that of elected politicians

Muswell Hill Primary School spoke in favour of Brexit and Coleridge Primary School made a valiant case for Britain to stay in the European Union and be “stronger together”.

Around 56 children debated workers’ rights and security.

The audience, made up of parents, children and Catherine West, MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, a firm Remainer, cast their vote in a secret ballot following the debate.

And in a move that Conservative politicians might learn from, the children shook hands and went out to play after the results of the debate were announced.

Muswell Hill pupil Edie diplomatically said: “It was hard to argue a side that I don’t necessarily support but it was really fun!”

And teammate Caleb added: “I really enjoyed the stages of debating from researching to debating openly with a jury. My favourite part is cooperating with my team!”

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Keira said: “It was great to debate with Coleridge today. They were really friendly and it was good to shake their hands at the end.”

Mia from Coleridge said: “Debating against Muswell Hill today was a fabulous experience. We really got to see politics in action. It was interesting to hear from the other school and learn from other people’s points of view about the EU referendum.

And Saoirse added: “It was an amazing opportunity to meet Catherine West and to hear her comments on the EU. Even though we lost the final vote to Muswell Hill, we all enjoyed the experience and look forward to debating with Muswell Hill Primary again.”

Coleridge headteacher Leon Choueke said: “What was really impressive was that the pupils really read up and researched subjects such as protecting women’s rights.”

While the Remainers made the case for “stronger together”, the Brexiters said Britain had other allies outside Europe, such as America and Canada.

“The debate was very informative... Their language was very impressive.”