Low cost gym plan if charity buy closed Camden Town sports centre

A sport and leisure charity has stepped in and launched a petition to save a popular sports centre in Camden.

The Mornington Sport and Fitness Centre was a cherished low-cost council-run gym until it was closed and put up for sale in December as part of an efficiency drive by Camden Council.

Now the charity Fusion Lifestyle has bid to keep the site in the heart of Camden as a public sports facility.

Anne Layton, of Fusion, said: “People don’t realise what’s happening and it would be a shame if it were lost. We think there should be more sports provision, not less, and there is already a shortfall in Camden.”

Fusion runs community gyms in south London, pumping all profits back into facilities and will bid to buy the Camden building as its first north London venture, using money raised at its other leisure centres.

All other bidders for the building would turn the prime site into housing or other developments.

If successful, Fusion plans to spend �2million to create a new pool, gym, spa and multi-purpose sports hall.

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To support Fusion’s bid visit www.surveymonkey.com/s/supportcamdensport.