Highgate pupils exhibit their art to fundraise for bursary programme

Elizabeth, eight, and Sophia, 11, with their works at Priory Park Cafe

Elizabeth, eight, and Sophia, 11, with their works at Priory Park Cafe - Credit: Natalia Egorova

Three primary school children have put together a 15-piece art exhibition to fundraise for their school's bursary programme.  

Sophia, 11, Mark and Elizabeth, both eight, of Highgate Junior School have displayed their works at Priory Park Cafe in Haringey since December 11.

Mark said he enjoyed his time at school and is "happy to help raise money for its new initiative". 

Natalia Egorova, mother of Sophia and Elizabeth, said: “When they share their love of art, they inspire other kids to do it.

“It helps develop their brain and to de-stress. It’s a refuge where you can go into your little world and let your feelings out on paper.” 

The artworks are priced between £25 to £40, depending on the size of the piece and the techniques used.  

Natalia, who lives in Muswell Hill, said: “Elizabeth is very expressive. She likes a rainbow of colour in her pictures which are always very bright.  

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“Sophia is much stricter with her work. She only uses one or two colours which is a reflection of her personality.  

“Even if you ask them to draw the same thing, you’ll get two completely different pictures. It’s fascinating to see their personalities shining through.” 

Sophia said: “Art has really changed the way I see the world. I am really glad I can help other kids through my art and make my school more inclusive.” 

For Natalia and her children, it is not just about raising money for the bursary programme, but also about raising awareness.  

The mother said: “It would be great to raise some funds for the bursary programme, but it’s also important to make people aware that such a programme exists now because usually bursary programmes are only for senior schools. Not enough people know about it.” 

Natalia feels that her children are at an age when they “recognise how important education is” – and want to ensure everyone has equal access to learning and opportunity in the classroom.

The Highgate Junior School bursary programme will welcome its first cohort of Year 3 children in September 2022. The Priory Park Cafe is not charging any commission, so all profits will go towards the bursary fund. 

The exhibition is running until February 11, 2022.