Highgate Junior School plans to build new modern building ‘fit for the 21st century’

Plans for Highgate Junior School

Plans for Highgate Junior School - Credit: Archant

Highgate Junior School is seeking permission to demolish its historic home and replace it with modern buildings.

In proposals submitted to Haringey Council last month, the prestigious school plans to replace Cholmeley House, the Fives Courts and the tuck shop with a building fit for the 21st century.

Set alongside a tree-lined walk in Bishopswood Road, the new school will be made from Portland stone and pale gold brick.

The new building, made up of two blocks, will house the school’s library, hall and main entrance.

Historic Ingleholme villa and other Victorian buildings will be refurbished and transformed into a space for drama and music lessons.

The building work is expected to take two years and the private junior school has also applied for permission to build temporary accommodation on a nearby football pitch on the edge of the cricket ground.

If the independent school’s plans win approval, work is expected to get under way in 2014, with the new school building set to open in 2016.