Highgate charity buys and delivers winter clothes for pupils

Justin Fenton of The Debra Reiss Foundation delivering clothes

Justin Fenton of The Debra Reiss Foundation delivering clothes - Credit: The Debra Reiss Foundation

A Highgate charity has donated hundreds of items of warm winter clothing to schools to help pupils through the cold winter months.  

The Debra Reiss Foundation bought fleece-lined coats online and from local shops, and delivered them to schools last Tuesday (November 16).  

Organisers say the initiative is to support pupils from poorer families on free school meals so that they have the same basic necessities as their friends, and are given an equal footing.  

Darren Reiss, trustee of The Debra Reiss Foundation, said warm winter clothes could be “the difference between a chance to play with their friends outside or shivering in the playground”. 

Volunteer Justin Fenton said: “It’s such a good cause and I hope it encourages other people and businesses to help schools.  

“Schools and kids are having such a difficult time and have very little budget to go out and buy clothing.” 

The Debra Reiss Foundation is based in Highgate High Street and it supports children through education, training and grants.