Double joy for Henrietta Barnett twins as they get a haul of top marks

Grace and Rose Lovejoy with their GCSE results outside Henrietta Barnett School. Picture: Harry Tayl

Grace and Rose Lovejoy with their GCSE results outside Henrietta Barnett School. Picture: Harry Taylor - Credit: Harry Taylor

A set of twins were among the girls celebrating their GCSE results at Henrietta Barnett, as they got the top grades in the majority of their exams.

Grace and Rose Lovejoy sat their exams together this summer at the Hampstead Garden Suburb school. Grace got seven grade 9s, two 8s and two 7s. Meanwhile her sister got eight 9s and three grade 8s.

“I wasn’t expecting any 9s,” said a jubilant Grace this morning. Her sister was also in a cheerful mood. “I’m happy I got all 9s in sciences,” said Rose. “I also thought I’d done badly in religious studies, and cried after the exam, but I got a 9 in that as well.”

They are both set to stay on at the school’s sixth form, with Grace particularly relieved. “It doesn’t mean a fresh start and it less stressful. I know the school and all the staff already, so I don’t have to worry.

The 16-year-olds also paid tribute to how supportive the school was.

Headteacher Del Cooke told the Ham&High her priority at the school is taking pressure off, making sure the girls develop as people, and have their academic curiosity encouraged.

However according to the twins, their own drive is what puts pressure on them. “We’re all very ambitious and want to do well,” said Rose. “Having people on A-level results day last week talk about what they got also puts pressure on.”

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Grace agrees, and says them sitting the exams together has pushed them forward.

“It has been stressful in the past, as we’re quite competitive. I’m really happy for Rose.”

The results day is the fourth in Del’s time at the helm at the grammar school in Central Square.

Even though pupil’s results hung in the balance this morning, she said she doesn’t get nervous. “The first thing I say to them when they get to the GCSE years is that they’re just a bump in the road, and I don’t want them to get anxious about them.”

“I’m so proud of them for their achievements, and this year group generally. I’m even more proud for who they are as people.”

She also said the all-girls school’s expansion proposals will have a positive effect on future pupils.

“I don’t put that much focus on exam results.

“The school’s unusual because it produces excellent results but offers an exciting all-round education.

“The plans would allow us to have more students come here and thrive. London is short of places. But the money that would come with it would help the school.

“The future challenge is to ensure the school will survive. Funding has declined year-on-year while essential costs have increased. It it doesn’t change it will become impossible.”