Hampstead miniature homes talk of the town at dolls house fair

A small band of miniature-makers from Hampstead and beyond enthralled the crowds last weekend with their intricate re-creations of Art Deco homes.

The North London Miniaturists exhibited on Sunday at the Alexandra Palace Dolls’ House Fair where their work was �admired by hundreds of collectors and tourists.

The group makes diminutive houses and scenes 1/24th the size of the real thing.

Last year members made Dutch canal houses and next month they will be unveiling a mini Mediterranean village.

Julie Knight, from Belsize �Village, has been a member of the club for three years and �created her masterpiece based on the “upside-down” Art Deco house she lived in as a child.

She said: “It was a fantastic show and a great buzz. Everyone wanted to take photographs and find out how everything was made. Absolutely everything is made by hand, including all the furniture and fittings.

“We treat it as though it is the interior of a real house. So I went back to my childhood home to �refresh my memory.”

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The painstaking detail means that each project can take up to a year to complete, with some of the work and brainstorming done at monthly club meeting in houses across north London.

Each miniature scene requires the input of all twelve club �members producing separate parts of the project from scratch.

Mrs Knight, who will be making the Mediterranean village pottery, is fully committed to her “addictive” hobby. “I’ve �always been crafty, and ever since I had a dolls’ house as a girl I’ve never wanted to give it up,” she said.

The fair included many intricate exhibits for dolls’ house aficionados, including furniture, clothes and accessories on a scale of 1/12th down to 1/144th.