Hampstead curry induces baby born in time for New Year

For one Hampstead couple a New Year’s Eve curry brought more than they bargained for.

Expectant couple Linda and Dominic Aloe popped out for dinner in South End Green.

After a “pretty spicy” lamb curry with green chillies “things started happening” and Mrs Aloe was rushed to the Royal Free Hospital at 3am said Mr Aloe, a hairdresser at Mad Lillies in Hampstead.

The couple’s second child, Oliver, was born at 6.30am weighing a healthy 8lbs 5ozs.

“Big babies run in the family,” said Mr Aloe, whose first son Harrison who was also born at the Royal Free.

For Anupaa and Kishor Vekaria New Year’s day also brought a new bundle of joy.

A bouncing baby girl weighing 8lbs 4ozs was born at 2am after the family travelled from Stanmore to the Royal Free to continue the family tradition of births at the hospital in Pond Street, Hampstead.

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The baby’s father and her three-year-old brother were also born there.

“I was worried that it was going to be a Christmas baby and then I started thinking it would be a New Year’s baby,” said Mrs Vekaria, who was two weeks overdue come New Year. “It’s a very good beginning and she was definitely worth the wait.”

In line with family tradition, the couple have received letters from a Hindu priest based on astrology to help them select their daughter’s name.