Coronavirus: Primary school workers launch Instagram page with activities for kids

Danielle Churney, Jemma Levy and Sophie Fenton.

Danielle Churney, Jemma Levy and Sophie Fenton. - Credit: Archant

A group of primary education workers have gone viral after setting up an Instagram page to help entertain children during lockdown.

Lockdown Learning was launched to provide entertaining daily activities for children to complete while schools are closed.

The page was set up just before schools closed on Friday, as some parents had already begun to self isolate with their children.

Founder Sophie Fenton, 38, Finchley, said: “For us the feeling of being able to support other people during this time is incredibly satisfying and really heartwarming.

“We just hope we are going to be able to continue helping people at home with children.

“We are totally delighted with the reaction.”

The page already has 1,000 followers and hundreds of children have been taking part.

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Sophie set the page up with fellow mums Danielle Churney, 31, and Jemma Levy, 37.

All three still work in primary education, Danielle works as a part-time early years teacher and Sophie as a primary initial teacher training manager.

Previously the page founders worked as primary school teachers including at Finchley’s Chalgrove Primary School.

Lockdown Learning aims to use minimal resources to reduce the barriers to learning and prevent anyone from going out.

Activities such as tricky word hunts, puzzles and games have been posted so children can learn away from worksheets and textbooks.

Sophie added: ““The activities we are providing are as child led as possible so children can do them independently and parents can work if they need to.

“We are trying to make things as practical and fun as possible and using entertaining and colourful things to entertain children.”

Lockdown Learning has also filmed explained videos for parents to help explain primary school terminology.

Sophie said: “We were concerned that teachers would send things back for children to do which could look quite difficult to parents and could take up a lot of parent or carer time.

Activities have been designed so they can be adapted for different age groups.

Parents have been encouraged to post and share footage of their children completing the activities to inspire others to join.

Visit the page @lockdown_learning.