Celeb bar Gilgamesh must use plastic glasses after violent attacks

A bar and celebrity haunt has been banned from serving drinks in glasses after four assaults went unreported to police.

At a licence review instigated by police last Thursday, the management of Gilgamesh in Camden Stables Market agreed that alcohol at bars would be served in plastic containers after 8pm.

However, drinks in the Babylonian-themed restaurant and at pre-booked functions can continue to be served in glasses.

Police launched the licence review after four assaults between September and December last year went unreported, including some where people were attacked with glasses. In the most serious assault a man was glassed in the neck before being thrown out of the bar.

Lawyer Mark Browning, for the venue, said removing glass from the restaurant would damage Gilgamesh’s reputation.

He said of customers: “It’s really quite difficult for them to be asked to drink out of plastic glasses.” He added: “It would be extraordinary to go to an expensive cocktail event and drink out of plastic glasses.”

Gilgamesh manager Jeffrey Lim was suspended from duty on January 5 and has now resigned as designated premises supervisor.

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Other measures were imposed to improve security at the venue.

A spokesperson from Gilgamesh said: “Mr Lim voluntarily resigned as designated premises supervisor – he was not removed. He was reinstated in his post of general manager and continues to maintain all of his managerial rights.”