Campaigners call on Haringey parents to come up with summer term plan of action against funding cuts

Rhodes Avenue Primary School played host to one of three public meetings across the borough in respo

Rhodes Avenue Primary School played host to one of three public meetings across the borough in response to school funding cuts. - Credit: Archant

Campaigners are calling on parents to help them come up with a plan of action in their fight against funding cuts to schools.

Since the parent-led national campaign was launched in Haringey in January there have been three packed public meetings at Rhodes Avenue and Coleridge Primary Schools and at Park View Secondary School, as well as a day of action when six stalls were manned across the borough.

Now parents are invited to Greig City Academy at 7.30pm on Thursday, April 27, for a working meeting where different school representatives can come together and decide what form the protest will take in the summer term.

Ideas mooted include playground activities, further days of action and a family march and picnic.

Pressure on the government is building nationally, with the Public Accounts Committee publishing a report saying that school funding cuts threaten to undermine the quality of education.

Haringey mum and campaign co-founder Jo Yurky said: “The report confirmed what we all knew. It is wishful thinking from our ministers to suggest that you can force schools to find £3bn cuts without harming our children’s education.

“The government’s position has now become untenable. Parents refuse to believe the rhetoric coming from the Department for Education.

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“Pupil funding is going down in real terms and schools are having to make cuts. Theresa May must keep her government’s election promise to parents and use the budget this autumn to provide the funding that all our schools need if we are to maintain a quality education for our children. There is no other choice.”

There will also be holding a family-friendly zumba fundraiser at 8pm on Thursday (tonight) at Jacksons Lane. Entrance is free, but donations go towards the campaign.

The group’s petition – which has been signed by almost 40,000 people – calling on education secretary Justine Greening to ‘protect all children’s education’ can be viewed at