'Chaotic' nursery in rated 'inadequate' by Ofsted

A young age child plays with plastic building blocks

A young age child plays with plastic building blocks - Credit: PA/Dominc Lipinski

A ‘chaotic’ nursery in West Kilburn has been downgraded by Ofsted after staff let kids “wander around with little to do”.

The education watchdog found children were prone to accidents at Bright Starz Day Nursery in Stafford Road.

It has been rated "inadequate" – the worst possible rating – in every category after an inspector visited on November 24 last year. It was previously rated 'good'.

The nursery – between Maida Vale, Kilburn and Queen's Park – offers full time day care for children one to four.

The latest report found staff failed to understand the learning needs of children, did not supervise them properly, and gave them medicine without written permission from parents.

During the inspection, a child who fell over and hit their head was not treated properly by staff until the incident was flagged by the inspector, Ofsted said.

A report by Ofsted said some staff did not know how to spot signs of a child being at risk or how to report child protection concerns.

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It adds: “Some younger children wander around with little to do and, at times, the room becomes chaotic."

The report later added: “Staff do not always supervise children well enough. As a result, children, sometimes, have accidents that staff do not see and, therefore, do not immediately respond to children’s needs. 

"This includes accidents and incidents when children behave inappropriately.”

Ofsted’s report said "staff do not understand their role and responsibilities to provide good quality teaching and care". It said some staff do not know how to pick up and carry children safely, putting "children’s health and safety at risk”.

The inspection found the quality of education at the nursery was "weak", with staff reading books that were not age appropriate to kids.

It failed to adapt to individual learning needs or ensure children had exciting and challenging activities to help them progress.

The report said staff failed to understand the learning capacity of toddlers. For example, they gave babies cotton wool and glue sticks to create a Santa face.

Ofsted was more positive about the relationship between staff and the children.

The report said: “Overall, children build positive relationships with adults and seek comfort from them, when needed. This supports their personal, social and emotional development.”

Bright Starz Day Nursery was contacted for comment.