We want to say 'thank you' to parents for all you are doing

Mia. Aged 8 and Jack, aged 5 from Essex, continue their homeschool work during the 2nd week of schoo

Some parents are struggling with home schooling - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

At the moment, juggling the demands of work, lockdown, child care and remote learning can really take its toll on everyone involved.

We know from speaking to many of our parents that they are finding this a challenging period as they want to do right by their child but the sheer exhaustion and lack of confidence in what they are trying to do is limiting.

What we want to say as educators is “thank you” parents for all you are doing at the moment.

It is a surreal world right now. Many are bandying about left, right and centre the term "new normal" whilst the reality is we trundle along with no clue about what the next month might bring us. There cannot be a new normal if this is our lived and daily experience.

You may have more than one child clambering for that device or your phone; one on Zoom, one on Google Classrooms, another not finding the link on that new school platform... but please rest assured, school staff are grateful for every step you are taking to support us.

We want your child to do well in their education - we are setting work to help them build the foundations for the future. We don’t yet know what exams will look like, how education may now change and what our students may not have the chance to catch up on, but we do appreciate all they are managing to do.

Angela Rooke, acting headteacher, Hornsey School for Girls

Angela Rooke offers some practical tips on home schooling - Credit: Hornsey School for Girls

If it all seems a bit much why not consider doing something different:

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  • Did you used to play a musical instrument that might be in the cupboard? Get it out. You’ll be surprised how quickly it comes back and your child(ren) will be amazed and intrigued.
  • Have you shared your favourite childhood book with your little ones? Spoken about why it still brings back those feelings and thoughts?
  • In that FaceTime with older relatives, can they describe previous events related to any historical content that can be discussed and expanded upon?
  • Can you plant seeds to grow, ready for summer?
  • Or could it be you did the millennium time capsule that you could dig up, review and add 2020/21 items from this pandemic?

It doesn’t all have to be about the taught curriculum and battling with that timetable or the work that has been set. Yes, that’s important but what’s even more important is using this time to have those future foundations there - that adaptability and that inspiration from you to achieve whatever they want to in the future.

  • Angela Rooke is acting headteacher of Hornsey School for Girls.