The Vagina Museum is in "urgent need" of a new home after revealing its stay in Camden Market is set to end in September.

The museum, set up in 2019 by Belsize Park's Florence Schechter, has been based in the market - and also leases offices there - but Camden Market's owner Labtech is not renewing its current leases.

This means that unless the museum can find an alternative space - it's looking for somewhere around 2,000 sq/ft - the groundbreaking team will have to put their exhibitions into storage.

Zoe Williams, the museum's director of marketing and development, said: "We have had an outpouring of support and we are really, really pleased to see our community come together like this."

She said regardless of where the museum ends up, Camden will "always have a place in our heart".

"We are quite sad to be leaving," she said. "This was our first home and we've had lots of incredible happy memories here.

"The feedback we have received over our time has been fabulous. Quite often people have travelled from all over the country, and before the pandemic all over the world, to visit us."

She added: "So now things have become pretty urgent. For over a year we've been looking for new premises because our space has just become too small for the demand."

She said Labtech showed them a new space, but that "it was far from ideal". She said it was tucked away on an upper floor, reliant on a single lift for accessibility, and that the museum needs a community-facing presence.

The museum specialises in demystifying vaginas and gynaecological anatomy, and on breaking taboos about talking about the subject.

It has been proudly supportive of trans rights, and used its platform to highlight intersex issues and period poverty.

A spokesperson for Labtech said: "We were excited to welcome the Vagina Museum to Camden Market in 2019. We liaised directly with Camden Council and secured a temporary 24-month planning permission to accommodate them."

They said Labtech made an offer of alternative premises, and that although that was declined, market bosses would still be happy to negotiate with the museum.