East Finchley woman starts plus-sized club

Miranda Cheesman is starting a club night for overweight people called Indulge. Picture: Nigel Sutto

Miranda Cheesman is starting a club night for overweight people called Indulge. Picture: Nigel Sutton - Credit: Nigel Sutton

A woman who has gone through life being mocked at nightclubs for her weight has started a club for plus-size party-goers.

Miranda Cheesman, of Great North Road, East Finchley, has organised a night for the “fat and fabulous” to combat relentless bullying by men in conventional nightspots.

She says that men “squeeze women in places they don’t want to be touched” and buy her and her friends drinks only so they can laugh at them.

The 31-year-old, who works in freelance media and radio production, hopes the club night – called Indulge – will combat the bullying she and her mates have endured since they were 18.

“I have had experiences where a guy walks up to you and offers to buy you a drink and you look over his shoulder and his friends are jeering and laughing and nudging each other,” she said. “I just think it would be nice to go to a place where men buy you a drink and they mean it.”

She added: “A friend of mine has very large breasts. She doesn’t have them on show and it makes her uncomfortable. But guys literally think they have permission to look at them and touch them just because she’s a fat girl.

“That’s not being treated as a person. That’s being treated as an object. It is mortifying. You’ve got no way of stopping it.

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“No matter what you say to those people, they’re still going to think you’re some fat girl without any feelings.”

The club night will take place monthly at top venues in London hand-picked by its founder.

“There will be a separate dance floor and separate chill-out area for talking,” said Miss Cheesman.“It is going to be somewhere people can go and feel comfortable dancing and meeting new people.”

Before the club night kicks off at 8pm, Miss Cheesman has organised a speed-meet session at 6.30pm so that people who have travelled from far away or are on their own will have a chance to get to know other clubbers.

The night, although advertised as for the “fat and fabulous”, will not have any size policy as Miss Cheesman wants to make everyone feel welcome.

n The first Indulge club night is on April 27 at the Amber Bar in Ropemaker Street, Moorgate. For more information, visit www.bbwnightclub.co.uk.