Drought fears and housing spike will see Primrose Hill reservoir back in action

A disused Primrose Hill reservoir will be brought back into action and covered with a grass roof as the south-east of England slips into a state of drought.

The Barrow Hill reservoir was decommissioned in 2002 after structural damage rendered the building unfit for purpose.

But due to a spike in water demand and plans for 36 new homes in neighbouring St Edmund’s Terrace, Thames Water has been tasked with reopening the water supply originally built in 1825.

Under the proposals, the 1960s aluminium roof will be replaced with a grass-covered concrete structure, which will take 18 months to build. Plans are yet to be submitted to Camden Council.

Malcolm Kafetz, chairman of the Friends of Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill, said: “They are going to take a very ugly sight away and increase the water supply in the area at the same time. It will look a lot nicer than the metal which covers it at the moment.”