Drivers appeal to Camden Council for pothole damages

Motorists are trying to claim cash back from Camden Council after their cars were allegedly damaged by potholes in the borough.

Peter Misiewicz, who owns First Aid and Wheels garage in West Hampstead, said more than 10 drivers a day call to ask about repairs to their vehicles because of pothole damage.

Some wheels can cost up to �800 to replace.

Mr Misiewicz, whose garage in Mill Lane is stacked with bent and broken wheels, said: “We have loads of customers every day calling in about cracks and damage to their wheels.

“It’s pretty bad and a lot of customers are trying to claim the money back from the council by taking pictures of the pothole which they believe has damaged their car.”

A council spokeswoman said: “We have a robust system in place to deal with potholes.

“The council operates a find and fix system with its contractors, so we respond immediately to any potholes which have been brought to our attention.”