Porsche driver tries to get car insured on phone when stopped by police

The Porsche obstructing Perrins Court on double yellow lines

The Porsche obstructing Perrins Court on double yellow lines - Credit: Metropolitan Police

A Porsche driver who bought car insurance on their phone when pulled over by Hampstead police has had their vehicle seized.

The car was obstructing Perrins Court last Friday (April 30), as it parked on double yellow lines without an MOT or insurance.

When approached by police the driver hastily purchased a new insurance policy on their phone, and claimed the vehicle was covered.

“Officers pointed out that they could see the policy had only just begun and as a result the vehicle was seized due to the driver having no insurance,” a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said.

In addition to the seizure of the vehicle, the culprit has been reported for driving without insurance, which could lead to six penalty points on their licence and a fine of £300.

The sports car being whisked away

The sports car being whisked away - Credit: Metropolitan Police

 In the most serious cases drivers can be taken to court where they can be handed an unlimited fine and disqualified from driving.

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