Dream Hampstead home demolished and a vitamin C shortage: This week’s Ham&High 15 years ago

The Ham&High in 2005. Picture: Ham&High

The Ham&High in 2005. Picture: Ham&High - Credit: Archant

This week in 2005 a couple demanded to know why Camden planners allowed developers to tear down their dream home in Hampstead Village after being told it was untouchable.

Camden reneged on their earlier promise to safeguard the cottage and instead flogged the freehold for £208,000 to development firm Kythira Investments which won permission to demolish the cottage.

Elsewhere, a Camden Council report claimed local schoolchildren weren't getting their fair share of nutrients.

Scientists studied school meals picked up by pupils at St Paul's School in Primrose Hill and said they weren't high enough on vitamin C, calicum and carbohydrates.

Meanwhile, a squatter who lived in the grounds of a Heathside mansion in a makeshift shack for 18 years could - according to legal advice - claim the land as his own.

The case came two months after 'Rainbow' George Weiss successfully claimed squatters' rights on his flat in Perrin's Court, and it sold for £710,000.