Draw your own Lauderdale House to help secure its future

Children can help save Lauderdale House by taking part in a social media campaign to draw and share their pictures of Lauderdale House.

Youngsters are asked to create their versions of the Highgate mansion and then share them on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #Kids4Lauderdale and a link to Lauderdale’s crowdfunding campaign. The aim is to raise awareness of the drive to find £125,000 to restore the house’s two historic upper-floor galleries. Several young artists, including the four pictured above, have already created images of Lauderdale in an art workshop at the house.

Director Katherine Ives said: “Children are so much a part of what happens here so it would be brilliant if we can involve them and their parents in the fundraising with this fun art project.”

Donate online or by paying at the house with cheques, cash and credit cards.