'Join the march for the environment on July 23'

Protests against Vanguards sustainability roadshow

Protests against Vanguards sustainability roadshow - Credit: Dorothea Hackman

Something is adrift with our judicial system, where a young person is still attending court sporadically for a matter from over two years ago now.

How can we maintain public confidence in our judicial system when the Crown Prosecution Service can muddle around not checking their witnesses will attend and paperwork has been completed and shared?

The hearings oscillate between the magistrate courts so defendants are wrongfooted as to venue. This is no way to treat youngsters leaving charges hanging over their heads.

Meanwhile fossil fuel giants like Vanguard from the USA come to the UK trying to present "sustainable life funds" as if they are not a part of greenwashing. Vanguard is the second biggest in the world investing $300billion in fossil fuels.

Camden resident Dorothea Hackman wrote a letter to the NLWA requesting a judicial review into the Edmonton Incinerator

Dorothea Hackman is campaigning for action on the climate catastrophe - Credit: Archant

These Vanguard funds still invest in the exploitation of the global south and human rights abuses for the enrichment of investors for example they do not exclude offshore, fracked, and Arctic oil and gas and fossil fuel expansion.

The whole area of environment is unregulated and unaccountable funding the climate crisis whilst delaying action. On this occasion at least Vanguard were embarrassed into cancelling their greenwashing tour by action in Glasgow and London.

The fossil fuel giants like Shell needn’t think they can come to London either for their AGMs to avoid legal consequences in their home countries, any more than Vanguard to peddle their unethical investments here in the UK. 

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Good news though that the entities campaigning for timely action on the climate catastrophe are pulling together with a joint march on July 23 – Peace and Justice, Trade Unions, Extinction Rebellion and even Just Stop Oil are demanding No new oil, tax big polluters and billionaires, energy for all, insulate our homes and cheap public transport.

Appealing directly to government departments and secretary of state Gove is a continued line of action, with appeals made to reject the Cumbrian coal mine.

Also, to take over the management of the North London Waste Authority where irregularities and questionable planning will result in stranded assets for the seven north London boroughs including Camden, and appalling impact on environment and health in a climate emergency.

Fiduciary failures and false emissions claims, governance problems, misleading flawed data and reckless misinformation are amongst the concerns brought to SoS Gove’s attention. And the attention of the NLWA AGM on June 23 at the Crowndale Centre in Eversholt Street, NW1.

Dorothea Hackman is chair of Camden Civic Society.