This destruction of a woodland site must be halted

Adelaide Wood with the trees cut down

Adelaide Wood with the trees cut down for HS2 - Credit: Supplied

Sad and scary events during our pandemic lockdown – remember no mingling yet though!

The saddest for nature conservation is the destruction of the two hundred year old Adelaide Road Woodland by High Speed 2. Their 2017 Hybrid Act permits demolishing three fifths of this Site of Importance for Nature Conservation to build a vent shaft for the tunnel they will construct, but said they must regenerate the green corridor along the railway tracks afterwards from the remaining 40%.

But they have felled all 500 trees, ignoring the ecology of bats and lizards. How will they regenerate from nothing?

They are erasing the woodland entirely, then bringing in a concrete slab and concrete ramp the width of three traffic lanes; to build a headhouse for the vent shaft that blocks the nature corridor.

Then they will drill all that concrete out and bring in some fake turf and saplings in five to 10 years time.

What they must do now before it is too late is save the tree stumps and earth in situ so regeneration is possible.

Dorothea Hackman, Camden Civic Society

Dorothea Hackman says we must take prompt action if our species is to survive the rising waters of melting glaciers and polar ice - Credit: Dorothea Hackman

Meanwhile some of our members of parliament, though sadly neither of our Camden MPs, are bringing a Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill as a springboard for some national action on reaching our targets to reduce emissions.

We need our Labour MPs to rally behind this initiative instead of alluding to statements in a 2017 manifesto – walk the talk!

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Even locally in north London the seven councils persist in wanting to build an overlarge incinerator despite having declared climate emergencies.

Not only is there already UK incinerator overcapacity, generating energy from burning plastic is dirty out of date technology. It undermines the health of the most deprived communities, and pollutes the air for everyone.  If incinerators paid fines like landfill, there would be no profit: 

And scarily, the attack on our civil liberties – the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. The government already has the police using Covid regulations to restrict our rights to peaceful protest – so make it law?  Its like the gagging bill of 2014, they don’t even want us to be able to say anything awkward. There’s a petition you can sign:

  • Dorothea Hackman is chair of Camden Civic Society.