Don’t panic - the flames aren’t real as Camden Council lights up the BT Tower for the Queen’s birthday

The BT Tower will be lit up like a beacon for the Queen tonight

The BT Tower will be lit up like a beacon for the Queen tonight - Credit: Archant

Have no fear if you see flames shooting from the BT Tower tonight - it’s just Camden Council paying tribute to the Queen, after reported internal wrangling.

Camden Council is this evening marking the Queen’s 90th birthday with an artificial blaze of glory following apparent indecision over the extent to which the occasion should be celebrated.

The council confirmed yesterday that it would join in the nationwide festivities with a birthday message from the top of the iconic BT tower in Bloomsbury, culminating in the projection of electronic beacon flames onto its large screens from 8.30 this evening.

The spectacle will mean that Camden now has the highest “beacon” in the country, albeit an electronic one, after its initial lack of commitment to the day’s pomp and ceremony.

Camden’s chief of culture Abdul Hai said: “Camden residents will be able to view the special birthday message throughout the day, and the beacon flames from across the borough.

“We are proud to be joining in the day’s special celebrations and joining other local authorities and citizens who will be lighting beacons throughout the UK to celebrate the Queen’s special day.”

Mayor Larraine Revah, who this afternoon hosted a birthday tea for Camden residents who also celebrate their 90th birthday this month, said the delay in announcing the plan was because the council was waiting for clearance on health and safety grounds.

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This evening’s festival of flames has commenced with the Queen lighting the first beacon at Windsor Castle, with local authorities and royalist residents across the country set to follow suit.