Dogs savage fox in vicious attack on Swiss Cottage estate

The two dogs, believed to be Staffordshire bull terriers, inspect the fox after killing it on the Hi

The two dogs, believed to be Staffordshire bull terriers, inspect the fox after killing it on the Hillgrove Estate. - Credit: Archant

Two dogs that have mauled foxes and terrorised other pets on an estate could pose a danger to children, it is feared.

Last month, residents watched in horror as the two dogs, believed to be Staffordshire bull terriers, viciously attacked and killed a fox in the grounds of Dobson Close in the Hillgrove Estate, Swiss Cottage.

The attack was reported to police but a local councillor fears children living on the estate are at risk of being attacked and seriously hurt by the dogs, which are said to be allowed to roam freely without a leash.

Dog owners living near the estate have been left “terrified” after the pets allegedly attacked numerous dogs walking along Belsize Road with their owners.

Swiss Cottage Cllr Don Williams said: “It’s an alarming situation, it’s a dangerous issue – especially for people who have children. People say they are afraid of walking their toddlers around.

“We’ve seen too many situations where dogs have mauled toddlers and more recently a teenager. I think the danger to life and limb is pretty high.”

Police were called to Belsize Road last month by distressed residents who witnessed the dogs kill a fox and took photographs of the aftermath.

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A police spokesman said: “The owners of the dogs have been spoken to by officers and advised accordingly.”

One resident, who witnessed the fox attack but did not wish to be named for fear of reprisals, said: “It was in broad daylight, nothing you threw at them scared them off.

“They weren’t eating it – they just wanted to kill it. The fox was trying to run away but both the dogs were mauling it and grabbing it as the fox was trying to fight back.

“They were so aggressive – nothing could stop them. Everyone was in shock – there were kids passing by. It was horrific.”

Residents claim one of the dogs’ owners later told them he had buried other foxes killed by the dogs in the grounds of Dobson Close.

Despite signs in Dobson Close warning dog owners to keep their pets on leashes at all times, residents told the Ham&High that both dogs are allowed to roam freely through the estate.

The owner of one of the dogs did not wish to comment when the Ham&High visited his home yesterday.

Cllr Williams insisted the dogs should be properly supervised with leashes and muzzles if needed.

“My family used to have dogs and I’m not anti-dogs but you have to understand what these kind of dogs can do,” he said.

“Something needs to be done about this to make sure people can go around without fear and intimidation.”

He has asked Camden Council to investigate and raise the issue as a priority with the local community police team.