Dog walkers: Haringey is barking up wrong tree on dogs ban in parks

Dog walkers have expressed concern about Haringey Council’s plans to consider a ban on man’s best friend in some areas of parks.

The authority is poised to consult next month on plans to exclude dogs from playgrounds and quieter areas of parks under Dog Control Orders.

Parks that would be affected include Priory Park in Middle Lane, Crouch End, Alexandra Park in Muswell Hill, and Stationer’s Park in Mayfield Road, Crouch End.

Police and park enforcement officers would get powers to fine people for failing to clear up dog mess and not using a leash.

Cllr Nilgun Canver, cabinet member for environment, said: “We’ve received complaints about unruly dogs from police, residents and Friends of Parks’ groups and these orders would give us an opportunity to challenge irresponsible owners and take action where and when necessary.

“Law-abiding dog owners and walkers having nothing to fear from these proposals and orders would only be implemented where there are legitimate reasons for doing so.”

The consultation was planned after complaints from residents that dogs off the leash disrupt quieter areas of the parks.

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But dog owners in Alexandra Park expressed concern about the planned consultation.

Teacher Sheron Markick, 59 who lives in Crouch End, said: “Responsible owners wouldn’t actually let a dog that was going to bite a child run free.

“There are not many places where you can actually let your dog off the lead and walk.

“I’d be very upset if we couldn’t come to Alexandra Park anymore. I’d be tempted to move out of Haringey.”

Some pet owners are worried about safe alternatives if they are forced to take their dogs further afield.