Doctor offering recipes for breast cancer patients

A consultant breast cancer specialist at the Royal Free hospital has developed a cookbook aimed at patients.

Professor Mohammed Keshtgar has put together scientifically-informed recipes to help those with breast cancer, or those who are concerned about keeping healthy.

He advises patients to drink things like cool smoothies and avoid spicy or sour foods that can irritate ulcers.

Professor Keshtgar also recommends patients drink plenty of fluids and food with a stronger flavour, as a number of patients have difficulties with taste sensation.

He is also keen to dispel myths, such as that dairy can cause or promote breast cancer. Instead he thinks that dairy is a very important source of calcium, especially for patients undergoing treatment. He also recommends eating pulses and soy which may prevent cancer cell growth.

Ultimately, Professor Keshtgar believes that his recommendations are quite simple. “What we emphasise is that people should be taking in balanced diets,” he said.