Disabled war veteran: ‘Royal Free’s confusing parking charges are disgusting’

It may be a pioneer in the treatment of Ebola and infectious diseases, but the Royal Free Hospital certainly won’t be winning awards for its notorious parking rules and regulations any time soon.

A 93-year-old disabled war veteran has become the latest victim of the Pond Street hospital’s confusing set of parking charges.

Lord Peter Eden, of South Hampstead, was twice landed with £60 fines for parking his Bentley in a privately-managed space for disabled visitors for just 38 minutes at the Pond Street hospital last month.

He was directed into the space by a parking attendant and clearly displayed his blue disabled badge.

Without warning, he received the two shock fines through the post, and was told he had either failed to buy the right parking ticket, or stayed in the space too long.

The peer is still baffled as to why exactly he was hit with the fees.

Lord Eden told Heathman: “I think it’s disgusting. We were told to park there. I think they should make some allowances for older people, and for disabled people. This has been the worst ever.”

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He accused the hospital of operating a “money-making scheme”.

The Royal Free Hospital has come under weighty criticism for its parking fees after it was revealed it has the highest hospital charges in the UK.

Visitors pay a staggering £72 for a day’s parking, more than the cost of a £49 room at the nearby Premier Inn.

A spokesman for the Royal Free Hospital said there are blue badge bays where permit holders can park for up to four hours for free.

But all may not be lost. He added: “We are always happy to speak with patients and visitors who have had issues with their parking experience.”