Diamond Jubilee: Street parties turn Hampstead and Highgate red, white and blue

Hampstead and Highgate were turned red, white and blue as dozens of parties marked the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Churchyards, school playgrounds and streets across the area were hives of activity as communities came together for Queen and country.

The smell of sizzling sausages wafted over St Anne’s Church in Highgate West Hill as a barbecue was cooked for partygoers.

Close by, three roads were closed off as more than 200 people settled down for a street party with food, drink and dancing in Highgate Avenue, Southwood Avenue and Southwood Lawn Road.

Keith Gold, of Highgate Avenue, said: “It really got the street together. Since then we have had people who have only lived here a year or so in regular contact with people who have lived here for 56 years. It was great for the community and so much fun.”

Revellers in Golders Green were not put off by the bad weather and managed to get around 100 neighbours down for a sing song and food.

Danielle Helfgott, of Dunstan Road, said: “It was a lovely atmosphere and we all sung songs as we huddled in under the awnings. The best thing was getting to know your neighbours.”